Holiday Protection for Consumers

When booking a holiday or single aspect with a PTS member, you can be assured that your funds are protected. In the unlikely event that our member fails. All funds are held in an independent Trust Account, for your peace of mind.

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Your Financial Protection

PTS offers a trust account for it’s members to ensure client monies are secure. All funds go directly into trust via credit and debit card as well as cheques or online bank transfers. The consumer funds are only used to full fill your travel arrangements.


If you are a consumer and wish to verify a PTS member then please click HERE or call us on 020 7190 9988.

PTS has independent trustees (Firm of Chartered Accountants) who are there to ensure the non-misappropriation of your funds. In the unlikely event that a PTS member is unable to provide the service through insolvency you as a consumer are fully protected.


If you would like further details prior to booking or travelling, then please contact us for further details.


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